Our Story

How We Got Started

  Bruno Beef Strips is a family owned and operated business. We are located in Monroe Wisconsin “the Swiss cheese capital of the U.S.A." We are a proud Wisconsin small business carrying on the tradition of handmade meat products with an authentic old world taste.  


It all got started in my kitchen when I made my own beef snacks for my family. Everyone loved them! With growing demand from my wife and children things quickly took off into a start of a small business. My son and I set out to build our state approved and inspected shop, and with help from grandma we slowly acquired more stainless steel equipment. The local businesses were eager to carry our products and quickly asked for other types of meat products to sell. With high demand and strong family support ,Bruno beef strips grew to make a whole line of meat snacks and products such as our well sought after bratwurst and brat patties, ring bologna, and summer sausage.


The name Bruno Beef Strips came from our beloved family dog, Bruno, a large and loveable St. Bernard.